About Us

Xifu is a social media platform for investment.

While the importance of investment is well understood, it is tough making those decision on where and how to grow the pot of gold. The choices are limitless; active stock investment, index tracking ETFs, precious metals, commodities futures, options, crypto-currencies, real estate, etc. You can get help from your friendly brokers, financial planners, wealth managers, or turn to algorithm based non-human interfacing robo advisory services. Endless possibilities, but it does not make picking the winning investment strategy any easier!

That’s where we hit on the idea of ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’, where the collective and diverse thoughts and input of many individuals helps to screen out the noise from the signal in investment decision-making.

We want to connect smart investors to exchange ideas, share knowledge and experience, and become better and more successful investors in their asset class of choice. Xifu feeds investors with current business and market information, report on popular and emerging investment trends, covers multi-assets class and with exclusive video content (interviews, infographics, etc.) on current corporate, business and economic affairs.

Our objective is to help investors gain better investment insights that enable each person to reach their desired financial goals.

Contact us: enquiry@xifu.my